Granulating Machine With Moving Spray-Dry Device


1. This three-in-one model is designed for simultaneous or separate powder mixing, drying or granulating.
2. Suitable for the mixing and drying of powder materials, such as the western medicine, chinese herbal medicine, food (including health food), biotechnological product and chemical materials, etc.
3. Various powders can also be sprayed with ingredients to form pellets.


1. Maximum mixing, drying, and spray granulating capacity per production batch of this standard model series is 600kg.
2. Any model in this series can be equipped with optional automatic retrieving and granule-trimming devices.
3. High-capacity granulating equipment.
4. Excellent granule-yield rate and nearly zero raw-material waste. The machine is sturdily built and 100 percent in compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Product (GMP) required for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
5. Adjustable spray nozzle enables granule production to be controlled between 20 and 100 mesh in fineness.
6. The spray nozzle features an innovative structure, which renders a high yield rate and will not produce oversized or undersized granules.
7. Pneumatically controlled, this unit works with an oil-less air compressor, which handles air compression, dehydration and deodorizing, ensuring that air qualityis totally in compliance with GMP standards required for medicine and food supplement production.
8. All the machine's essential control parts and components are imported from Europe, Japan, and the U.S.
9. The temperature of the system is precisely controlled by a proportional valve to maintain within a tolerance range of plus or minus 1°C.
10. Uniquely designed, the machine features high heating efficiency, drying capability, and precise temperature control, ensuring shortened processing time and saving on energy and steam consumption.
11. The system can be equipped with a low-temperature granulating and drying system per customers' requests to be suited for the drying and granulating of scented materials.
12. The dust collection pipeline is made of imported static-discharge felt, allowing for safe and easy replacement of the cloth filter.
13. PLC human machine interface automatic control, easy to operate and easy to set parameters.
14. Other special features can be added to the system according to customers' requests.





1. Shake single filter bag set
2. Shaking double filter bag set
3. Backwash filter bag set