Fluid-bed Spray, Granulator and Coater


1. Top-spray type:
1.1. Suitable for granulation drying for the following products:
1.1.1. Western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine;
1.1.2. Powder of biotechnology industry;
1.1.3. Fruit juice powder, seasonings and lactic acid bacteria of food industry;
1.1.4. Pigments, dyes and synthetic raw materials of chemical industry.
1.2. Spray granulation of powder plus binder.
2. Side-spray type:
2.1. Suitable for coating and sugarcoating medicine and health food.
2.2. Small round particle coating, suspension coating or film coating.
3. Bottom-spray type:
3.1. Suitable for coating and sugarcoating medicine and health food.
3.2. Small round particle suspension coating or film coating.


1. Multifunctional: dries, granulates, pelletizes and coats.
2. Electric heating without need for steam boiler.
3. Compact for easy portability .
4. The body filter bag is two sets of valves automatically alternately switch, without stopping to maintain granulation and film quality.
5. Parameters are easily adjustable according to raw material properties:
5.1. hot-air temperature;
5.2. air flow;
5.3. spray flow and pressure;
5.4. Rotary disc speed of side spray type;
5.5. Height of the flow pipe in the middle airflow of the bottom spray type;
5.6. The feeding speed of the powder.