Chili-shaped Tweezers


1. Applicable to machinery, wood art and wood factory, the functions are as follows:
1.1. Pull iron filings, sawdust, thorns, etc.
1.2. Clip electronic parts.
1.3. Key ring.
1.4. Mechanical and electronic internship equipment.
1.5. Auxiliary equipment for assembling electronic equipment.
2. When the staff is stabbed by iron sawdust, use the "Chili-shaped Tweezers" to avoid secondary damage to the wound, as well as small screws and electronic parts.


1. It is a small nurse in the industry who cares for the workers.
2. Material:
2.1. Tweezer: stainless steel is hardened by heat treatment.
2.2. Sheath: copper material, stainless steel surface.