Spray Dryer


1. Designed for drying fluid solutions directly into fine powder, such as milk powder, meat powder, carbon acid, and herbal powder.


1. The raw materials of the solution and the paste are directly dried to a fine powder, and the amount of the additive is small.
2. After drying, it does not change the nature of the raw materials (not suitable for raw materials that deteriorate at high temperatures).
3. Instant drying and short drying time.
4. The air volume control adopts the inverter speed control.
5. The control system adopts PLC human machine interface automatic control, and the operation is convenient and easy.
6. The use of organic solvents can also purchase additional explosion-proof equipment to ensure operational safety.
7. For product materials with better adhesion properties, it will adhere to the wall of the drying barrel. In addition to the installation of the bridge breaker (air hammer), an inner wall scraper can be added to the drying drum to facilitate the collection of the finished product.
8. The high-speed centrifugal materializer drive design of the drying tower is different from the general use of the speed increaser or the spindle drive for the transmission. The machine adopts the belt drive and the auxiliary cooling system. Save maintenance costs and maintenance time of personnel and increase production capacity.
9. Hot air temperature: 150~250 °C (adjusted according to raw material characteristics).
10. Spray dryer specifications: evaporation 5~450 Kg/hr.